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Money Entitlement Claims

If you have received a letter from Search Point Pty Ltd in relation to a Money Entitlement that may be owing to you we urge you to contact our office.

Entitlements may originate from over payments, un-presented cheques, council rebates, deceased estates etc.

If you are eligible for a claim contact us now!

Asset Recovery

We may assist in the recovery of fixed equipment, mobile equipment, buildings and land. This may be due to the asset being wrongfully taken either stolen, fraudulently misappropriated or otherwise disposed of to remove them from their rightful owner.

However it must be understood that locating a certain asset may be difficult as in most cases the asset is purposely hidden from the rightful owner.

If you think you may need our Asset Recovery service please contact us.

Skip Tracing

Our Skip Tracing service allows us to locate many of the rightful owners that we seek in finding Money Entitlements for. Not only do we search Victoria or Australia wide we also search for people worldwide, this enables us to generally find the person we are looking for.

We use publicly available databases as well as databases that we are subscribed to, this enables us to cross reference a lot of our information.

Our strong searching tools allow us to use the method of elimination in locating the person we are looking for. It must be made clear that we do not breach any privacy laws in our searching methods.

Property Ownership Searches

This involves examining official records to determine whether an owner’s rights in real property are good.

A title search is conducted to discover whether there are any defects in the ownership of a particular tract of land, the current status of title will show information of the owner, legal description, easements, property taxes due, encumbrances such as mortgages or judgments etc.

If have a need for this service please contact our office so we may assist you.

Reverse Telephone Search

A reverse telephone search has many benefits. You can easily obtain information about people behind the numbers calling you.

Everybody has their reasons for wanting to do a reverse call search, whether you have annoying hang up calls or any other reason, it doesn’t really matter why you do a reverse search the important thing is that you can do it.

Contact us for further information.

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Search Point Pty Ltd
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Quality Assurance

We endeavour to provide you with the best possibly service available.

If you are dissatisfied with our service in any way, we urge you to contact our office, so we may assist you and provide a solution to any concerns.

We will strive to resolve any problem or concern you have within 7 days of receiving your complaint.

Please email your concerns and quote your RN number.

We will contact you within 7 days and try our utmost best the settle your concerns. We are confident that we will be able to reach a satisfactory outcome.