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To Whom It May Concern, I just had to write and say thank you! So very much! I received my cheque today, I can't tell you how pleased I am. The $418.19 will now alleviate some of this weeks financial commitments, a nice sigh of relief..... Every little bit helps! Thank you again. Kindest Regards. Nicole Kennedy=)

N Kennedy (Victoria)

I would like to inform you that I received the cheque for $3,015.97 that you forwarded last week. I would like to thank you very much for getting this money for me, I would like to thank you all.

J Dingwall (Victoria)

I'm pleased to report that I've got your cheque in my post box today, which I will put into my Bank Account tomorrow. I'm so pleased, and like to thank you for all your work. Please, keep my details in your filing-system, just in case there may come-up another long forgotten entitlement somewhere. King Regards.

H Jost (Victoria)

Cheque received Friday. Thanks for everything. What is a little frightening is that the fund appears to have made little or no effort to resolve this matter. The money must have been lying there for 15/20 years and even if they sent it to Drummond Road I would have received it. I guess that's why bankers are rich and the rest of us poor. Keep up the good work!!

T Schrader (Canada)

Dear Sir/Madam, I'm writing to you to thankyou for the cheque received for my father and your assistance in this matter and to my knowledge there are no further entitlements owing to my father, once again thankyou for your help, Yours Sincerely.

A Fleming (SA)

I have received the cheque for $1,209.76. Thankyou for your effort on my behalf in claiming the money.

N Louttit (ACT)

With reference to your advise of April 8th...I wish to thank you for your persistance of this matter and payment of monies due to me...It was a nice suprise for me in the end. Many Thanks.

M Riley (WA)

On behalf of my husband, I would like to thank you for informing us of the above entitlement claim. Without your help we would have had no idea of the claim to this money. Thanking you once again.

H Mulraney (QLD)

Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. I have received your cheque for the monies owed to me, less your commission. I had no idea that this money was owed to me and so I am delighted to receive this unexpected payout. Your commission was well earnt and I appreciate your service. It is strange that such an outstanding amount should be overlooked by both the payee and myself, clearly there is a real role for an organisation such as yours. Thank you again.

D Carpenter (NSW)

My friend, I wish to thankyou most sincerely for the wonderful surprise "cheque" you sent to me, how delightful I was. You can keep on looking for my monies if you wish I wont mind. Again thankyou so very much. I love surprises.

M Pyle (Victoria)

I was very sceptical at the start however I am now very grateful that you have returned me my money. I will be telling all my friends that if they receive a letter from Search Point Pty Ltd that they should go ahead and use your services, thankyou so very much and keep up the good work.

V Gibson (Victoria)

Thankyou for my cheque… I expect it was from years ago. I was pleased that you tracked me down… I am retired now and any extra money comes in handy.

M Devenish (NSW)

I can confirm that I have received your cheque... The whole process has worked out satisfactory, in fact rather more easily than I expected. Thank you for your efficient service.

J Garrett (United Kingdom)

Hi there just want to say thank you for your effort and time to working on my case.  I have received the cheque today.

J Pribadi (Victoria)

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